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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Why To Dont Trust Kevin LaFontaine As It Relates to Iron Eagle

In thinking of the many reasons to Dont Trust Kevin LaFontaine, one thing is becoming more clear. Kevin LaFontaine is a real life version of Knotcher from Iron Eagle. I'll explain:

You know how in the beginning of Iron Eagle, Knotcher is portrayed as a dick. He's a low grade villian but not a real threat so Doug Masters is annoyed by him but thats about it. But Knotcher keeps being a dick and eventually Doug Masters has to race him in a airplane. The way this story parallels my experiences with Kevin LaFontaine is frightening. Well, it turns out that Doug Masters was going to win but somehow, Knotcher found a way to betray him. Much like Kevin LaFontaine betrayed me. But in the end the good guy (Doug Masters, btw) found a way to win the race and then he was able to punch out Knotcher.

The way my blog about Dont Trust Kevin LaFontaine matches Iron Eagle leaves no doubt that in the end I will win and probably get to punch out Kevin LaFontaine. Victory will be totally sweet.

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