(Because Kevin LaFontaine is a dick!)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Ok. Long story short: the reason you cant EVER trust Kevin LaFontaine and should in fact HATE him is because he TOTALY screwed me over.

On Sunday, 15 March of 2009, I trusted him with my USB flash drive thing. See, I was running a bracket for deciding the hottest blog chick in the world and I *thought* I could trust Kevin LaFontaine to help with graphics arts which is his other hobby. But apparently his MAIN hobby is SCREWING ME OVER!

What he did was made a MOCKARY of my hot blog chick bracket and put stuff in his designs that were completely against my vision. Then he STOLE my USB Flash drive thing which I entrusted to him to put graphical arts stuff on so I could load it to my blog and next thing you know, he snooped in to it and found some pictures of me that were for ADULT SOCIAL NETWORKING sites (not safe for work, btw).

Imagine my surprise when I went to laundry room and found pictures of ME on the cork board which is like THE information source for housing where I live. They (pictures) were suppose to be PRIVATE which is why I did not post them all over in my room for the whole world to see.

So for every one to understand I can boil it down to this:

If Kevin LaFontaine could do this to ME, he could do it to you!!

...so DONT trust him!

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