(Because Kevin LaFontaine is a dick!)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Kevin LaFontaine And The Curious Case of The Booger on The Handset

One time before we had our falling out, Kevin LaFontaine was at my place with some of the guys playing PS2 and eating pizza.

It was Friday.

Well, my phone rang and it was some dude who wanted to speak with Kevin LaFontaine, who just happened to be there. So I gave the handset to Kevin LaFontaine.

He talked for a while and then hung up. Nobody thought anything of it.

10 minutes later the phone rang again. I went to pick it up and discovered there was a booger right on the mouth piece. It was cold to the touch but still moist.

There was no question that the only possible source for this booger was Kevin LaFontaine.

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